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Web Console and WINDOWS CLUSTER Environment

Marty Brown_1
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Web Console and WINDOWS CLUSTER Environment

Hi All:

We are running ServiceDesk 4.5 SP15, and have a highly-available Database server configuration that uses 2 physical servers, Cluster-aware MS SQL Server and Windows 2000 Cluster services to handle the failover. We also have multiple SD application servers that provide a high level of fault tolerance at the ServiceDesk Application level as well.

We aren't using the WEB CONSOLE yet, but we are contemplating installing it on to our Database Servers (I know I can't install it on to the SD Application Servers). Ideally, we would want to install it as a clustered resource, so that should one of the two servers become unavailable, the WEB CONSOLE Service would still be available, along with the database and the surviving Application servers.

Does anybody have experienece with installing the Web Console in a clustered environment? Is that supported? Any information or guidance would be appreciated. If there is a whitepaper on this, that would be most ideal...


Oguz Kutlu Asi
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Re: Web Console and WINDOWS CLUSTER Environment


First of all, you can install web console on a machine running application server. Web console has issues with service pages, not application servers.

You can define only one application server while installing web console, so you have to produce out of box solutions.

Your database servers has one ip address i presume (cluster ip), you can install web console on both of them, and point each of them to different application servers for fault tolerans.

Another options is installing both application server and web console components on to each database server, and set each web console's application server to localhost. That will improve performance if there are a lot of people using web console.
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