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Web Application / OVSD opensession failed

Cándido García
Acclaimed Contributor

Web Application / OVSD opensession failed

We want to install web applicacion that connects to Service Desk by means of Web API. In the same machine, we have installed the HPOV Web Console. The OVSD Server is installed on other machine.

Web Console works correctly and connects to SD port 30999. However, when we're trying to open session of Web application (APiSDSession.opensession) appears following exception: It has happened an error to full: java.lang.RuntimeException: .UnknownHostException: hp9z13: hp9z13java.lang.RuntimeException: .UnknownHostException: hp9z13: hp9z13at com.hp.ifc.api.ApiORB.addSession (Unknown Source)com.hp.ifc.api.ApiSession. (Unknown Source)
com.hp.itsm.api.ApiSDSession. (Unknown Source)
com.hp.itsm.api.ApiSDSession.openSession (Unknown Source)

What's the meaning of this exception?
How can we solve?

Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Web Application / OVSD opensession failed

Trouble in: java.lang.RuntimeException: .UnknownHostException: hp9z13

ping host: hp9z13 - not reply.

You must write this string into C:\windows\system32\drivers\ets\hosts:

hp9z13 IP adress of host)

or configure you DNS server
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event