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Web APi to Update recordtypes in SD

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Web APi to Update recordtypes in SD

Dear all,

I am stuck in identifying the WEB API that are used to update specific Types in Service desk. Listed below are the types that i am trying to update using SD web api. Can you pls provide me the name of the web api i need to use.

Brand, CI, Domain, Location, Model, CIRelationship, LocationRelationship, SoftwareRelationship and Workorder.


Re: Web APi to Update recordtypes in SD

When you can't find the fields in WEB-API than these are custom fields. In order to identify them you need to generate a Data Dictionary (see Administration help in SD). In the dictionary you can find the relation of Custom Field <-> Label (e.g. CICode5 <-> 'Brand')
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event