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Web API - SP23 - issues with attachments

Craig R Taylor
Honored Contributor.

Web API - SP23 - issues with attachments


In doing testing for an upgrade to SP23 we are encountering errors with adding attachments to change requests.

Essentially the way the process runs is an web application gathers information for the change request and then ftp's an XML file to HPSD server. (A data exchange server in this case).
On the destination server there is a batch file that runs every minute looking for these XML files. The batch file calls a jar file that implements methods of the web-api to process the XML and create the change control. It does this by copying the file to the application server (in this case one that accepts client connections).
Now this process all works fine.

Where the problem is, is when an attachment is sent with the change request. The attachment is ftp'd to the server along with the XML file into its own folder. It then copies the file to the application server along with the XML file. This part works. It then tries to do the attachment during the ticket creation and it fails.
The output shows this error:

java.lang.RuntimeException: You are not allowed to view this change or this may have been deleted by another user

The change request is actually created however the attachment doesn't get added to the CR.

Hopefully this explanation makes sense. Does anyone know if there is any known issues with attachments done via the Web-Api? We have recompiled the jar file for use with the SP23 API so that part should be fine.

Thanks in advance

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