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Warning to fellow 5.x victims

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Warning to fellow 5.x victims

As most of you know, OV Console (not web console) won't work with some of the more recent versions of Java.

Last week our user's started getting the java update notices which, if executed, bring java to a version 1.6. That stops ovconsole dead in its tracks.

For those of you without locked down desktops, I'd highly suggest communicating to your users not to upgrade when the java warning comes up!
Carol Hibbard
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Re: Warning to fellow 5.x victims

I believe these type of Java conflict only occurs when you use the Java Webstart feature. If you install the full client GUI on the PC, it will install and reference its own Java version.
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Re: Warning to fellow 5.x victims

True enough I guess... but without an "unattended install" option, how many enterprise level clients out there actually install the full client to every work station?

We're geographically distributed across North America so we can't attend to an install at every IT workstation. What we depend on is reliable feature sets from a tool that advertises itself as being top-of-the-line.
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Re: Warning to fellow 5.x victims

Hi Folks,

we have a geographically distributed user base as well and normally use Altiris for distribution of applications. The string we use is:

"client_5.10.XX_setup.exe -i silent".

However, there is issue with this - Altiris is not 100% successfull the first time you push out a package (for various reasons). So, it is often a requirement to push the package a second time so as catch the straglers. Unfortunately, there is an un-documented "feature" that uninstalls the client if it already exists and does not re-install it. We have had a ticket open with HP since December and are only just getting action on it as we escalated it with our local HP rep's.

The reason I say it is a "feature" and not a bug is that HP have responded by opening an "enhancement request" for me. How kind.

We have the same issue with web start as we need to control the version of the JRE on the desktop due to version issues. For this reason we are still on SP1 and asking HP for guidance on how to deploy an SP quickley in an enterprise environment.

Good luck everyone!!