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WO and CRs not saving in web console

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WO and CRs not saving in web console

Hi there,

Since our upgrade to SP13 and the implementation of the web console, some users have been complaining about change requests and work orders they create not saving and 'disappearing'.

After some quick troubleshooting, it appears this problem only happens on certain desktop machines in the organisation. The affected users are able to log into other machines and the problem is solved.

So I checked the JRE version and IE version and service pack level. These versions are all the same as our standard build and seem to work fine on other pcs using the same build.

Can anyone else suggest what else it may be causing this issue?

Our current work around is to install the client on their machines, but this involves resources installing the application, and our change management team training the users on how to use the client and basically just wastes our time.