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WO CIs/Outage question

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Jan Gunnar Helg
Honored Contributor.

WO CIs/Outage question


We are running 4.5 SP21

If one enters the CI/Outage tab on a work order, click add and relate a CI with existing related open workorder(s) you recieve a warning message listing the respective work order ID's.

This ability only work when clicking add and not when clicking relate under the CIs/Outage tab, is it possible to add this?
Ruth Porter
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: WO CIs/Outage question

Hi there,

This has been like this from the early days of 4.5 and I have found no way in the tool itself to get round it.

The approach we usually take is to train staff in this area and stress very strongly never to use the Relate button in this case but always the Add button.

Hope this helps, Ruth