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WEB API Error : OvObsClient.conf file is not found

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WEB API Error : OvObsClient.conf file is not found


We are using an interface called Janitor(developed in Java) to transfer the records from Asset Center to Service Desk.

The Janitor is being deployed on Asset Center server and uses a configuration file(contains the information of SD application account, SD database IP, AC application account) to connect to Service desk.

There is a file called Startup.bat in AC server which trigger the janitor and then it start transferring the records into SD.

While triggering the Janitor on command prompt it gives following errors/messages:

21.05.2009 9:40:16
INFO: Session timeout set to 44 640 minutes
21.05.2009 9:40:25
INFO: Could not find the configuration file C:\Documents and Settings\openview\Application Data\HP OpenView\conf\OvObsClient.conf

Could anyone please help me out to resolve these error messages and what does they mean.

Please let me know if you need further information.