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Views - Client side - system sid

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Views - Client side - system sid

Hi all,
I'm working with SD4.5 SP20.
We have implemented a new Change Management Process with several revised views.

Most of my users use these views, some of them have altered them on their client-side.
I would like them to use again the views I have reset and thus override their changed views. It seems I cannot push this from server side, only reset this from client side.

How can we do things like this ?
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Re: Views - Client side - system sid

Hi Patrik,

You can only do this by revoking their ability to alter system views.

You can do this by going to: Tools\system\security\access\role\customization\custom system views allowed.

When you disable that, they can no longer alter the views you made.

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Re: Views - Client side - system sid

Yes, but of course ...
But, Can they still create their own views then?