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Viewing Active Tickes Touched by Our Queue

Gino Reyes
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Viewing Active Tickes Touched by Our Queue

Hi Everyone,

I would want to view all tickets which are still active that has passed or touched by our queue. How can I do that?

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Re: Viewing Active Tickes Touched by Our Queue

Depends what tool you're using. I'm assuming you're talking about OVSD 4.x or 5.1, in which case there's no way within the tool since they don't actually allow you to build views off History (where this info is stored).

You might come close in a reporting tool like Crystal, but history lines only track the user that caused the history event, not the group. The best you could do would be to track tickets that were ever assigned to the group in question.

"Touched" is harder because people can be assigned to multiple groups, but the system doesn't force them to pick a group @ login. So if I'm a member of Group's X, Y, and Z and I update record 123 assigned to group B, which group "touched" the record? X, Y, or Z?