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Vanishing Work Orders

Peter Dent
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Vanishing Work Orders

Does anybody know anything about why some of our Work Orders have started to vanish?

The problem seems to be happening on existing older Service Calls as well as new calls.

I was working on a Service Call which had a related Work Order. I tried to update the work order and got the dredded merge result error message. So I just closed everything without saving.

When I re-opend the service call it no longer had any work order associated with it.

Using advanced find produces results which do not contain the missing Work Order?

A query directly on the dataabse reveals that there are 34 service calls without a related work order. Something which should not occur on our system. No SC's can be created without a related WO.

This seems to be something which has only recently started happening because there are only 34 incidents, (risen to 36 in the last hour).

Does anybody have a clue why this would happen?