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Using checklist in SD4.5 SP20

Horst Niederhoe
Super Collector

Using checklist in SD4.5 SP20

Hi there !

I found in Admin console under DATA checklists.

It would be nice, if we can use these checklists, e.g. new employee in Servicedesk.

How can I implement it ?

Thanks in advance


Re: Using checklist in SD4.5 SP20


You can use the Checklist in the Service Call module. To use the checklist wizard all you have to do in the Service Call form is click on Actions > Checklist. Once you have the checklists setup in the admin console you can use them. You can also create a custom button to launch the checklist. With Service checklists they will automatically pop up if you fill in the service field.

Hope that helps,
Horst Niederhoe
Super Collector

Re: Using checklist in SD4.5 SP20

Hi Bryan !

Many, many thanks !
Exactly this was what I wanted to know.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event