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Using SD in a software development environment

Michelle Hall
Trusted Contributor.

Using SD in a software development environment

Hello all,

Is there anyone out there utilizing the SD module in a software development environment? We have begun scoping how to do this using the Service Request feature, however we do NOT have the Change Management module. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
David Borojevic
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Re: Using SD in a software development environment

Hi Michelle,

We decided that strictly speaking ITIL change is about implementing Changes into the Production environment and should be kept separate from managing the contents of changes done in software development of applications.

However the concepts are very similar and the Change Module would probably be OK for this. If sharing it with people using the Change Module for ITIL changes, you could keep them separate via 'Foldering'.

If you don't have/get the change module then check out the approvals in Service Calls - I have not looked at it but noticed they exist. Again you could Folder them to keep them separate from Production related Service Calls.