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Using Calculated Fields

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Mohammed Albust
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Using Calculated Fields

Hello all,

Is it possible to use the calculated fields for any arithmatic operation? My case is that I'm trying to calculate depreciation by multiplying the original price by a fixed percentage. The problem is when I use a calculated field (number) it requires to be based on maximum number of installations.
how can I set it to be based on price or to create any other operation?
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Re: Using Calculated Fields

Hi Mohammed,

Calculated fields Vs. Custom fields? I found that custom field is more comfortable to work with.Anyhow, the main four arithmatic operation are available, try to create a Rule, in the Rule's condition decide the condition(s) that is appropriatly decribe your situation, then build your action(i.e, Update data) then within the 'set to' you will reach a place (Function) where you can play with the Add/Sub/Div/Mul arithmatic operations.

Mohammed Albust
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Re: Using Calculated Fields

Thank you Lina.

Create Custom Field for Depreciation
Add the feild to the specified form
create a database rule where the action is

Depreciationtest set to (Multiply by [Price] by 'value')