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User unable to add attachments

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User unable to add attachments


My company, Vocalink, use Service Desk 4.5 sp23.

I have a user who is unable to add or open attachments. He gets an error message of 'error, connection refused'. Its a single user issue which hasnt affected anybody else. There have been no changes to the users account. I am currently investigating with IT support if the user has any fire wall restrictions or issues of any kind with adding attachments to any other application


John Cook
Ruth Porter
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Re: User unable to add attachments

Hi John,

Attachments are done using ftp so the most likely expalnation is that he does not have access to the machine which is acting as your ftp server - possibly becaus eof a firewall? Try doing an ftp by hand to the server from his machine and see if that works.

Hope this helps, Ruth
Radovan Skolnik
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Re: User unable to add attachments

Just to add to Ruth's explanation: there is a major design flaw (in my opinion) in how SD handles attachments. I.e. clients connect directly to attachment server via FTP protocol instead of sending and receiving attachments from SD server.So for attachments to work, every client has to be able to use FTP to and from attachment server.