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Upgrading to SP16 and DB upgrade

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James Mohr
Acclaimed Contributor.

Upgrading to SP16 and DB upgrade

We are currently running OVSD 4.5 SP8 on Oracle 8.1.7. We are going to install SP 16 and would like to move the database to Oracle 10. I have tried to find some instructions on how to do this move, but I could not find anything. What do we need to do and in what order? For example, should we upgrade the OVSD to SP 16 and then migrate the data to Oracle 10?

Further I have looked through the documentation that is included with SP 16 (SDSK_00058.EXE), but I cannot find anything that lists which Oracle versions are supported and on what platforms.

Any help is greatly appreaciated.
Michael Lutfi
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: Upgrading to SP16 and DB upgrade

I would take this one step at a time. First upgrade to SP 16 and make sure you are fine with that and that everything works well. Then the Database upgrade.

I am not sure either if Oracle 10 is supported as far as i know and officialy Oracle 8 and 9 are supported but even if Oracle 10 is supported I would definetly do that in the second stage. WHY???

Simple you want to have one variable changed at any one time. If you do both upgrades then you would be seriously in a mess when you come to troubleshoot anything because you will not be able to know for sure whether your issue is because of the Service Pack upgrade or the DB upgrade.

Michael Lutfi
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: Upgrading to SP16 and DB upgrade

Went and did some homework..check this out which is from the URL below and is also in the defects.htm file that comes with summarize YES but once again please backup your system have a testing environment and well tested roll back plan...

URL that says it is supported:

Provide support for Oracle 10G

Oracle 10G could be added to the list of officially supported databases for Service Desk.


Customer and DBA group would like to upgrade the database server to Oracle 10G.

Note 1:
Oracle 10G has only been tested with version

Note 2:
Service desk has only been tested for the character sets 'AL32UTF8' with Oracle 10G.
For more information about supported character sets see the 'Installation_Guide.pdf', paragraph 'Oracle Settings', page 43 provided on the original service desk cd-rom.

Note 3:
For support Oracle 10G, an Oracle 10G JDBC Driver will be used in Service Desk.

Note 4:
Connection errors can occur when the version of the Oracle JDBC driver in the file, located in the \jdbc\lib folder, differs from the version installed on the Service Desk application server (...\server\lib). The file and the Oracle libraries can only communicate when they are both of the same version. To resolve this problem you have to replace the in the \server\lib folder by the file located in the Oracle home folder (default for the Microsoft Windows platform: C:\oracle\product\10.1.0\client_1\jdbc\lib).