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Upgrading SD 4.5 to SD 5.10

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Upgrading SD 4.5 to SD 5.10

I am upgrading Service Desk 4.5 SP17 to Service Desk 5.10 SP8 and I keep getting the following error message: "HP Openview Object Server package 1.10.264 component has failed". I am installing on a Windows 2000 server and connecting to a SQL 2005 database. Also I have the required Java installed so why is this happening? Please help....
The full error text is below:
Component package installation failed.

There was a failure with this installation. Component package installation command has returned a non-zero error code. HP Openview Service Desk Management Server will not be installed. To rollback this installation and remove all the installed packages, click rollback. To cancel the installation and leave all the packages intact, click quit.

HP Openview Object Server Server Package 1.10.264

Component package installation for HPOvObsSv1.10.264 has failed.
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Re: Upgrading SD 4.5 to SD 5.10


It's not possible to upgrade from SD4.5 to SD5.10 because it's a migration not an upgrade.

Besides that to find the reason for a failure with installing SD5.10 you will have to look in the log files for service desk in the program files directory. The msi generic messages are in the documents and settings but the actual error message are in the program files directory.

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