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Upgrade path to SM7 from SD5.x

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Upgrade path to SM7 from SD5.x

Greetings everyone,

After reading 'Moving to SM7 Q/A', I understand that there is an upgrade path from SD4.5 SP23+ to SM7. My question, is there an upgrade path from SD5.x to SM7?

One of our customers wants to heavily enhance and upgrade their current SD implementation. Would it be best to upgrade their SD to the latest Service Pack (25) and carry on with the enhancements, allowing them to upgrade to SM7 in the future if they so choose, or do we try upgrading their current SD4.5 to 5.1?

Thanks a lot in advance.
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Re: Upgrade path to SM7 from SD5.x

Hi Ahmed,

If your customer wants to move to SM7 they are better to stay with 4.5 as there is not a migration path from 5.1 till SM7.1 (another 12 months plus away). In addition, OVSD 5.1 does not have all of the features you will find in SP23. HP Sales will tell you that 5.1 has all the features and more of 4.5, but that is only up to around SP12 or 14 (not sure of the exact SP off the top of my head). 4.5 is a more stable product and has a larger user base for support. On the other hand, it will be end of lifed quicker than 5.1 thus forcing the move to SM7. It does also have more Service Level Management features than 4.5. Being a 5.1 administrator, I would not recommend going to 5.1!

Sorry if this is an "it depends" answer, but it is often the case :)

Good luck...Andrew
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Re: Upgrade path to SM7 from SD5.x

Thanks a lot for the insight, Andrew.

When does HP support end for SD4.5 and 5.x?
Jay Mistry
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Re: Upgrade path to SM7 from SD5.x

End of support for SD4.5 is 31/12/09 and end of support for SD5.x is 31/12/10

See the attached HP slides for some SM7 details and obsolescence dates.

Mark O'Loughlin
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Re: Upgrade path to SM7 from SD5.x


dont upgrade to 5.1. It is not worth the effort involved due to less features. 5.1 is capped at OVSD SP 17 featurs though the SLM piece has been imporved I dont think it warrants the effort even for an extra year of life.

There will be migration tools but be aware that things like workflows and forms and the UI and DB rules will not be migrated automatically. from with I have seen the migration of these will have to be manual. Also if you have a highly configured OVSD set up and integrations it may be quite an effort to migrate.

This is not meant to put you off but to let you know to be aware that you may have to migtrate workflows manually.
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Re: Upgrade path to SM7 from SD5.x

I don't think you can upgrade to SD 5.x anymore and HP is not selling SD 5.x licenses and remove all the migration tools for sd 4.5 to sd 5.1, but check with your local HP. Besides, it's not worth upgrading to sd 5.x and you will delay your migration to sm7 as sd 4.5 gets to migrate first.