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Update ticket via form by email

Benjamin Mathia
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Update ticket via form by email

hello experts

I have a query. a client of ours wants to inject data to SD through a form in Outlook. by this form sends data and SD somehow have to read and update the relevant registration or ticket. is able to perform this task? SD version is 4.5 SP18.

I hope they can give me an answer.

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Re: Update ticket via form by email



Default the update e-mail command relies on the colon ':' and equals '=' characters to identify which fields to update.

For example, if an e-mail is sent to Service Desk with the following text in the Subject field: Update number 1 and in the body of the e-mail:
Description : This is the new description
Solution = This is the new solution

Then the Description and Solution fields of Service Call 1 are updated with the new values.