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Update ticket E-Mail subject line

Rory Emmans
Outstanding Contributor.

Update ticket E-Mail subject line

Is it possible to update a Support Request via E-mail with more than the Update: in the subject line? Even if you have a space after the ticket number then more characters after that in the subject line you receive a error "The given ID not found" What I am tring to do is update a ticket buy using E-Mail reply for the updates. The problem is the text after the ticket number. Any Ideas on how to tell service desk that after the ticket number the rest of the subject line is not related to the ticket number or would that have to be done by the Exhange Admin to strip the characters after Service Desk E-Mail out the ticket number?
David Borojevic
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: Update ticket E-Mail subject line

Hi Rory

My understanding is that this is not possible. The business rule sending out the message must have fixed text and the id so that the update command will work.

ie rule sets subject to:

Service Call: [id]

and update command must have:

RE: Service Call

So, no you cannot put the short description on the subject line of the email going out.

Hope that helps.