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Update a successor Work Order

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Robert S. Falko
Acclaimed Contributor.

Update a successor Work Order

I would like to be able to update a text field in a Work Order and then concatenate that text field to a different text field in the work order's successor.

AFAICS, the DB rule Data update action does not allow you to operate on both predecessor and successor fields within the same update operation.

If someone has a solution (short of the Web API), thanks for a detailed example.

Kind regards,
Ruth Porter
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Update a successor Work Order

Hi Josh,

I think I understand you asnd if so you could try:

DB rule 1: action updates its own WO field
AND updates a custom text field in its successor to this value.

DB rule 2: triggered by updating of custom text field by rule 1 which then does an action to do the concatenate.

Hope this helps