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Unbelievable bug in ACES can cause serious trouble

George M. Meneg
Acclaimed Contributor.

Unbelievable bug in ACES can cause serious trouble


Whatever you do, ALWAYS CHECK THE LOGS or you make get in deep trouble (to say the least).

OK, here is the bug.

Let's say you want to define a group of several rules (UI or DB doesn't matter) to export. You can create an Aces view containing these rules. Highlight the rule you want and press space. A tick appears on the left. (Choosing with keyboard is general faster than trying to click the mark on the left with mouse). Press save and close. Open another aces view item and close it without doing any modification. Open again the item you have set before. The rules you choosed before are unchecked !

I went nuts trying to find why the hell I couldn't select the items that I wanted.

I reopened the view and choosed rules at random and they were saved without any problems.

Then I had the flash! The first time I choosed items using the keyboard. The second time I choosed items using the mouse.

Yes, you can choose items ONLY using the mouse. If you have 200-300 handred rules, you have to check each one with mouse. Though using space the items APPEARED to be checked, they aren't.

HP, welcome to the wonderful world of criminal negligence.
menes fhtagn
Jasper Verweij
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Unbelievable bug in ACES can cause serious trouble

hmm, AFAIK HP doesn't make mouses themselves....

I suspect them creating PDF-manuals eith hundreds of pages as well, to be sure the order of printer cartridges keeps on-going ;-)

Thank you for sharing, George