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Unable to login to HPOV 5.1

Justin Serrano
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Unable to login to HPOV 5.1

Several clients now have received a failure to login message. Log shows error below. The named file, OvObsClient.conf, is not in the location listed. Moving a copy of the file there doesn't move us past the login error. We are using AD for authentication - not a password/account issue here. Need assistance in getting these clients connected. Thanks.

2006.11.14.15:40:02:565 Error Console Init thread Silent user login via OvObsClient.conf file failed. ApplicationException: com.hp.ov.obs.ApplicationException: Login failed: no account provided. Check location of OvObsClient.conf. It should be in U:\System\HPOV\Application Data\HP OpenView\conf
2006.11.14.15:40:09:378 Warning Console Init thread Login failed: signed subject = "com.hp.ov.sec.login.common.SignedSubject@bfd66a" server = "APPP11-XXXX" error = "com.hp.ov.obs.ApplicationException: Access denied: incorrect account name or password. Click OK to retry to log on."
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Re: Unable to login to HPOV 5.1

Hello Justin,

if you are using AD for authentication, then you won't need to have a default account set for the clients.

Did you enabled the "Ignore client settings" options in your server?

If that is true, see the following document and follow its workaround in the clients:

Randall Barrantes
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Justin Serrano
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Re: Unable to login to HPOV 5.1

Thanks for the reply.

We do not have the "ignore client settings for login" set so this will not resolve the problem. Our issue is that only a few of the clients get the login failed message; everyone else is fine. Whether we use the password method or AD to authenticate the same error is produced and thus no login. Any other ideas what could be causing this?
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Re: Unable to login to HPOV 5.1


There are only a few things that could be different between the stations that don't work and the stations that do.

1. Client version
2. Client configuration
3. Client DLL versions
4. Network
5. OS level
6. Java version
7. User configuration

That's pretty much it for the major ones. Have all of these been checked?