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Unable to log on - how to audit (OVSD4.5)

Gints Bika1
Super Collector

Unable to log on - how to audit (OVSD4.5)


We use data from table REP_SESSIONS to monitor usage of licenses.

But is it possible to gather information about users who can not log on because all licenses are busy?

Perhaps, we should somehow send information to server when client is started and compare started clients with successful logons?

Perhaps, using HP OVO?

Thanks in advance
Jay Mistry
Frequent Visitor

Re: Unable to log on - how to audit (OVSD4.5)


We use OVO to search the logserver.txt for "Access denied: maximum number of concurrent users reached" this then sends an alert into HP VantagePoint which we monitor.

unfortunately I did not do the OVO configuration so cant offer you any tips on that.

Hope this helps

Gints Bika1
Super Collector

Re: Unable to log on - how to audit (OVSD4.5)

Thank you for your solution!

However, the exact question is: WHO and WHERE could not log on.

It would be great, if we could monitor client or client-server connections or run a script on client or whatever
Ben Snell

Re: Unable to log on - how to audit (OVSD4.5)


I don't recall where this is logged at all. I have come across orgs that put in place a process where the users would call the Service Desk to report when they could not logon. Not as reliable as automated logging but can be reasonably reliable if communicated well.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event