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URGENT: ini file for related users with CI's

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URGENT: ini file for related users with CI's


I want to upload some CI data from excel to SD.I am using SD 4.5 with sp13, so I am not able to craeet a proper ini file for the same.(I think this is a bug in sp13).I am able to relate other fields but I am confussed as how can I relate users with the CI's in present in excel.Does anyone has any ini file or any workaround for the same?

Ganesha Sridhar
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Re: URGENT: ini file for related users with CI's

Hello Akhil,

Please see the attached document.
I have done the importing mapping using CSV file.

In the import mapping some relationships are part of Item -> "Configuration Item" - say for example "Administrator Person" is part of Item -> "Configuration Item", where as the CI related to User has separate Item -> "CI User".

We have to identify the relationship which is part of Item "Configuration Item" or separate Item.


Ganesha Sridhara
Saurabh Dubey
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Re: URGENT: ini file for related users with CI's

Hi Akhil,

I don't have an INI File, but I can give some suggestions:

1. Your excel file should have the primary key attribute to link the CI with the Person Name - so even two columns (searchcode_persons, searchcode_ci) should be enough (with the combination being a unique key).

2. When creating the INI through ECW, create a simple straight-forward XML file from the excel file.

3. When creating an import mapping for this DE task, (when you click Add) Choose the Item as CI User, and choose the template in the CI section (there may not be any template, you may have to create a new empty one for this).

4. define the XML file's attribute names in the 2 fields that you get (leave the template field empty).

This import should work...


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Re: URGENT: ini file for related users with CI's

Thanks to Ganesha and Saurabh...

MANY-MANY THANKS TO GANESHA for giving me a step-by-step process..I checked the same on my test machine and IT WORKED...

You guys are great....:-)

Will close the thread once I am successful on production also.

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