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UI alert rule help

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UI alert rule help

When we have a voice mail password issue, we create an email and send it out to our vendor, they reset the password and email us back. I want to automate this process based on a CI and the person primary telephone number.

One solution is to create a db rule based on the CI and if the primary telephone number has 12345 as the prefix, then create an email. I have this part working.

Now I want to alert the data entry operator when, this condition is incorrect. That is, when he chooses the CI and the telephone number does not begin with the interal prefix, I want to warn him that no email will be sent because the information in the telephone primary number does not contain the office prefix 12345.

I think I would like a popup of some sort. Is there a way to alert the person entering a ticket that a telephone number is incorrect before he saves the ticket?

Openview SD Version 4.5 SP 18
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Re: UI alert rule help

Hello Bill,
I think you could use the banner. In fact it is an application banner.exe where you can specify the color and the message that should appear.

Syntax is banner.exe /[Color] [Message]


PS: Documentation available on Admin Guide search on banner... ;o)
Robert S. Falko
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Re: UI alert rule help


On your version of OVSD, you can have a UI rule that shows an error message when the user saves the item. Unfortunately, you cannot show the message immediately upon the change of the guilty field.

Mike Khashan CA
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Re: UI alert rule help

For this case the best to the UI rule to setup an action (Notify User), you have to do:
- Create your UI rule on Save triggred on Save
- Get your condition.
- Get your action as notify User
- Pick the type of user notification (Error, or Warning or Information).
- Type in the message to the user.
- SAve the UI rule refresh
- Test

Hope this helps

Mike K- Canada