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UI Rules

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UI Rules


I am using a UI rule that gets triggered when a textfield is modified(while creating a CI) and calls a java program to do some data processing.

Is it possible to return the cursor to the same text field after the validation?

Or is it possible to do some more validation based on the output of the java program and set some field in the new configuration creation form?

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Robert S. Falko
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Re: UI Rules


There is no command in OVSD that allows you to change the focus.

Perhaps you could send the value of that text field as a parameter and then have, as the last action, the update of the text field by that same value. I suppose the cursor would be in the text field then.

Or perhaps you could write a VB Script that is executed by the UI rule which returns the focus to the text field.

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Re: UI Rules

Hi, Thanks for your reply.

Is it possible to set the focus on the textfield through the java code that is called by UI rule?

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