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UI/DB Rules problem

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UI/DB Rules problem

Hi All

Problem in:
1) I create some UI/DB Rule for WorkOrder
when field "change" is will change -> do: change some smart action
2) and give it name "Example",
3) When I open form Changes and relate one WorkOrder to one Change, this UI/DB Rule doesn`t work. But field Workorder.change is changed.

George M. Meneg
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Re: UI/DB Rules problem

Hello Antony,

Smart actions can be executed only on UI rules.

When you relate an existing workorder to a change without opening it (thus, relate it from an open change) the rule will not be triggered.

If you create a change, then open the workorder and relate it to the existing change from the workorder form, if the UI rule is writen correctly, the smart action will be executed.
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