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Two assignment groups working on one incident

andre van zyl
Respected Contributor.

Two assignment groups working on one incident

Is it possible to assign two assignment groups to one incident(each assignment group has different tasks for one incident, working on the incident at the same time)? If so, how is this done and how does it affect the closing of the incident(both assignment groups need to complete tasks before the incident is closed)?
Mark O'Loughlin
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Re: Two assignment groups working on one incident


I view the assignment group and the assigned person as the defined owner of that incident at that time.

If you have 2 assignment groups you my blur who actually owns the incident or record in question.

The call does nto have to be assigned to a person for them to update it as ling as they have the ID number they should be able to find the call and update it or provide the update to the owner of the call who can update the ticket.

i woul dprefer to handle this via process than via the tool.