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To compare the configration

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To compare the configration

Hello World,

Im implementing ovsdfor a project, I need an idea and help to input this.

I have two environment one for develop and another onr for production, some time I missing the configuration on the production.

How can I make sure the configuration on both develop and production is correct 100% ... the ACES import and export is not use full for this environment.

Please help
Robert S. Falko
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: To compare the configration


ACES is exactly the right tool to do this. Why is it not useful?

I can think of four other options, all of them are much worse than ACES:

1) Copy your test database to your production database. This works only until you start production. You will need to delete all your test transactions.

2) Use an external tool that identifies differences in the schema between two databases and creates SQL code to update the target (prod) database. This might work, but would risk invalidating your support contract.

3) Use a macro recording tool that allows you to record the mouse and keystrokes you use to update test. Replay this macro against the Production environment.

4) Hire robots to do the job.

Gyula Matics_1
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: To compare the configration

As Josiah said, ACES is the rigth tool.

But to use ACES, you have to make sure the two databases don't diverge, otherwise ACES won't work very well.

A good practice is to
- use the development server to add new functionality, and use ACES to transfer the new configuration to the live server.
- from time to time, before starting development for new functions, copy the live database over to the development server. This will make sure that the two databases are the same.

Mark O'Loughlin
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: To compare the configration


As Guyla advised copy the live over the test at regular intervals and in beween use ACES to export the changes from test to live. We have been using the approach quite well.