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TimeZone Update

Vadim Gorda
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TimeZone Update


System HP SD 4.5.

Faced the following issue. Due to the cancelation of the time change (summer/winter) for the Russian timezone, system time should have stayed intact. But in the system timezone was set change to offset +1 hour and as a result now system is running with incorrect time. From this year offset must be remaining to GMT+3 without changes.


Maybe there is some patch or general fix which does that changes? Or maybe someone has a ready solution for that?


Thank you for responses beforehand

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Re: TimeZone Update

From sp22+, you can edit the timezones yourselves, and even create a new timezone.
Tools > System > System Panel > Regional Settings > tab Time Zones.
But there is a little problem here, even with this flexible timezone function:
The Search code (MSKDT for Moscow) cannot be changed, and the offset (GMT+3) cannot be changed.
For the Moscow timezone, you want this:
    Name Moscow time
    Search code MSKDT  or MSK without DT, because the D means that there is a DST factor in effect.
    Offset 4
    [v] Add to display list
    [ ] DST Usable
You could try to edit the UTC+4 timezone from Abu Dhabi but it shows the wrong abbreviation then.
It is better to disable the predefined MSKDT record, and create a new timezone without DST, like this:
    Name Moscow time
    Search code MSK
    Offset 4
    [v] Add to display list
    [ ] DST Usable
Do the same for the other 8 timezones (offset 3 for Kaliningrad Oblast, 4 for Moscow, see

For (Russian) users on a lower servicepack than 22, there is only a workaround:

Users must choose the corresponding UTC+x offset entry from the toolbar, until they have upgraded to sp22 or higher.
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