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Time mismatch in History line

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Time mismatch in History line


I have an item (incident) that has been created via integration (data exchange import). The registration created date is 29/06 at 13:51. Yet I have 7 history line entries at 13:48 that are definitly after registration date because I can see what the old field values are and the new. The old field values eg CI was set at 13:51. What could cause this problem? The entries are 3 min before reg created date. SD 4.5 SP11
Ruth Porter
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Re: Time mismatch in History line

Hi there,

I think this could be because the datestamps are created on different machines. For example, when you update an auduted field in the client, it is the client time that is used; for imports, I would guess (and it is a guess) that it uses the time on the server or the importing machine.

so first thing to check would the time on each machine involved.

Hope this helps

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Re: Time mismatch in History line

I did a test as per your guess and was able to simulate the condition by changing the time on the app server. Interesting thing I picked up was that the client will sync time with the app server at connection. So even if you correct the app server time. the client still writes incorrect time stamps until you reconnect.
Raghunathan Tik
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Re: Time mismatch in History line

hi Shanev,

I suspect that your Client's System Time and the OVSD Application Server's system time are not in sync. if they are not, then try to configure NTP to synchronize the time.

we had a similar issue some time earlier and got resolved after introducing NTP.

hope this helps.

Bill Roberts II
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Re: Time mismatch in History line

We are experiencing a similar issue. I have a single user who randomly has History lines that show a timestamp of about 5 minutes in the future. The weird thing is the timestamp doesn't match the client time or the server time. It also to be preventing him from closing the service call - I have to close the call from my admin account.

Any ideas on what could cause this?