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Ticket Creation - Web Front End


Ticket Creation - Web Front End

Hello - New Service Desk 4.5 admin here.

Our company would like to provide a simple Web Page for our End Users to create and track Service tickets. We've installed and tested the Service Pages application, but it seems very difficult to customize and very non-intuitive (They are supposed to know what a CI is?).

What have you done to improve the End User web experience?

We've even considered using the Service Console module (stripped down by Role) but we fear it will be too complicated for the average end user. (as an example: the Service Today module cannot be removed)

Any thoughts, suggestions or templates I could use to improve the End User experience?


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Re: Ticket Creation - Web Front End

I would create a custom form and then create a new SP view based on that form. You can create a form to include whatever you want them to see. You can rename some of the more technically named fields (CI's for example) to be whatever you want. The nice thing about Service Desk is that by creating your own forms you can completely control what the end user sees.

Re: Ticket Creation - Web Front End

Thanks for the quick reply. Still a bit fuzzy on your solution.

1. Are you referring to Service Pages or the Service Console?
2. It doesn't appear that Service Pages allows me to adjust what form the end user sees. I can adjust the default template and view, but not the form (please let me know if I am wrong).

Thanks for your help.


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Re: Ticket Creation - Web Front End


The best way is to customized the Service Pages.

Its pretty simple and you can do most of the tasks like formatting and removing un-necessary fields/pages with a days understanding on the webapi.

To learn the webapi objects you can refer to the docs available with the Service Desk software.

You can also lookup the forum on tips to improve the web interface like skipping the timezone pages, adding the attachment feature, etc.

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Re: Ticket Creation - Web Front End


best way is to keep the fields in Servcie Pages to a minimun - let the helpdesk complete the CI and other fields that the user wont reallt know all the time. If you need more functionality after that then add it in.

Use DB rules to set some values if you can also.