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The dreaded Self Service Pages

It's Miller Tim
Regular Contributor.

The dreaded Self Service Pages

Hi everyone,
So I was running OVSD SP1 for quite some time. Now my business is starting to boom and I have decided to upgrade while I still can.

So first I have to state that my media is the original Service Desk 4.5 media. No patch, no updated documentation, etc.

I went ahead and got the application server and the database upgraded to sp31. Pretty straight forward...

I have found that I want to use self service pages. really really REALLY is lacking!

I installed the service pages and then from there. Ugh, failure all around. So here is what I have.

1. What version of Tomcat should I be using?
2. What version of JSDK do I need to be using?
3. What version of JRE do I need to be using?
4. Once all this is done then I should update the service pages to SP31?

What a nightmare!

Note to HP: Please in the future of your products, I have spent A LOT of money on your product, the least you could do is leave documentation up so us HP lovers could spread the good word.

Thanks in advance everyone!
It's Miller Tim
Regular Contributor.

Re: The dreaded Self Service Pages

One last thing,
My Self Service Pages are on a separate machine than the Application server.
Radovan Skolnik
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Re: The dreaded Self Service Pages

Usual scenario is you install ServicePages at the same time as ServiceDesk and upgrade as you upgrade SD. Install ServicePages now and read release notes found when you unpack SP31 about what Tomcat/Java is supported - it should even be present in SP.

About ServicePages usage: it is just a WEB front-end allowing creation of ServiceCalls for end-users and doing some basic stuff with ServiceCalls, Incidents, etc. for specialists (users with application accounts).