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Kauer Karin
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Hello people

Some strange problems with Service Desk 4.5 SP11 happened on our server [Windows 2003], so we try to post our problem here.

We can start the service "hp OpenView service desk 4.5 server" but he is killed some seconds after.
In the server-log we found the following entry:
atcom.hp.ifc.rep.AppItemFolderAccess.getStatusEntityID(Unknown Source)
atcom.hp.ifc.rep.AppItemFolderAccess.getStatusFromOrdering(Unknown Source)
atcom.hp.ifc.rep.AppItemFolderAccess.merge(Unknown Source)
atcom.hp.ifc.rep.AppRoleInfo.merge(Unknown Source)
atcom.hp.ifc.rep.AppRoleInfo.merge(Unknown Source)
atcom.hp.ifc.bus.AppSrvRepository.loadRoles(Unknown Source)
atcom.hp.ifc.bus.AppBusinessManager.getRoleInfo(Unknown Source)
atcom.hp.ifc.bus.AppBusinessManager.createSystemSession(Unknown Source)
atcom.hp.ifc.bus.AppBusinessManager.bootstrap(Unknown Source)
atcom.hp.ifc.bus.AppBusinessManager.(Unknown Source)
atcom.hp.ifc.bus.AppServer.startup(Unknown Source)
atcom.hp.ifc.bus.AppServer.main(Unknown Source)
atjava.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method)
atcom.hp.startup.Bootstrap.runprogram(Unknown Source)
atcom.hp.startup.Bootstrap.main(Unknown Source)
End session.
Database check was successful!

Is there anybody that can help us?

Many thanks.
Oguz Kutlu Asi
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Re: Systemjava.lang.NullPointerException


Did you get that error after a service pack installation? If not, try to clear server cache and start.
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Re: Systemjava.lang.NullPointerException

Hi Karin,

There are two possible causes for this as far as I know.
1. The system user has a role which he should not have, you can check this with the following statement.

Select count (*)
from rep_roles_per_account
where rpa_acc_oid = 1
and rpa_rol_oid not in (633318770737253,2);

If the count is anything but 0 run the following delete statement.

delete from rep_roles_per_account
where rpa_acc_oid = 1
and rpa_rol_oid not in (633318770737253,2);

2. There is an old hotfix on the server, check that the hotfix is of the date 2025.

HP Support
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Simon Ellingsga
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Re: Systemjava.lang.NullPointerException

Hi Karin

Did you remember to run the "Database configuration wizard" after applying SP11?

If not you need to run this, before trying to start the application server.

"Database configuration wizard" can be found at:

Start\Programs\Hp OpenView service desk 4.5\application server\run the database configuration wizard.

Choose "Upgrade existing database".

Hope this solves you issue

Best regards
Simon Ellingsgaard