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System slow after import dat 40,000 record

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System slow after import dat 40,000 record

We face with system very slow (approximate client log in time is 15-30 minutes) after import master data 40,000 records to database. So, we removed data, and the system back to normal. Do you have any idea to investigate?
Here is System Environment
1. Application Server: Window 2003, SM7.10.23, RAM 8 GB, HDD 430 GB
2. Database Server: HPUX11, Oracle 10gR2, RAM 16 GB, HDD 7 GB

We also are not sure that we are on the right way to import Data.
Step to Import Master Data
1. Create Master Data Template : Using Excel
2. File all Data to Master Data Template (.xls)
3. Export (.xls) to text file (.txt)
4. Log in HP client with Falcon
5. Select menu "tailoring"
6. Select database manager
7. Right Click select menu "text import wizard"
8. Field "File to import", input
9. Field "Destination table", input example : company
10. Field "File Type" , input winnt
11. Select button "Search"
12. Select Menu "New"
13. Select "Character-delimited"
14. Select Menu "Proceed"
15. Field "Import Name:",input
16. Delimiter select "Tab"'
17. Tab "Fields" map all field from text file to column in table
18. Select Menu "Proceed"
19. Select Menu "RUN"
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Re: System slow after import dat 40,000 record

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