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System administrator on Service Pages tickets

rashid musoke
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System administrator on Service Pages tickets

Morning folks,
currently we are trying to have performance reports for our Service Desk 4.5 users. We want to be able to know how many service calls were created by userX and how many calls were modified by userY. This is easily to create when using the Service Desk 4.5 GUI, but the users that create tickets via Service Pages have the System Administrator user appear instead of their names when you look at the history of the call where modifications are made.
Example: UserX creates a ticket from Service Pages, she changes the category and specifies the workgroup. When the ticket is opened in the Service Desk GUI on the History tab, UserX will have her name as the creater of the call, but System Administrator will be linked to the modified fields of workgroup and category. Is this an in-built setting? And how do we change it so that UserX has his/her name instead of System Administrator?
George M. Meneg
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Re: System administrator on Service Pages tickets


Modifications by System Administrator usualy means that the records where modified by a db rule. Check your db rules.
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