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Switch on/off DB Rules


Switch on/off DB Rules


I have integration Service desk with TelAlert. SD sends sms notifications when SC with high or critical priority is registered, but i need these notifications only in weekends. But i have them all the time :)

The question is: is it possible to switch on / switch off DB rules by schedule?

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Re: Switch on/off DB Rules

Hi Denis_35,


My first thought was with a crontab/task API program to block/unblock rules, but there don't seem to be APIs to access rules.

Uhm .... what does method getLbTurnOnRule() do in ILabel? And is there a SETLbTurnOnRule() and another for turning it Off?


The best solution (where you can be sure it works) is in the Admin console > Tools > Block/Unblock Selection.


Another idea: Add a condition in the TelAlert rule that looks for something like Monday/Tuesday/... in the message details.

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Re: Switch on/off DB Rules

DrFoul, i thought about API program and TelAlert tuning :)
If there are no other decisions - i'll move in this direction.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event