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Successful SD Template Naming Standard?

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Allison Lekas
Respected Contributor.

Successful SD Template Naming Standard?

We will soon be reviewing how we standardize our work requests and as such have revisited the possibilities for request normalization afforded by SD templates (4.5 sp23). Does anyone have any stunning success stories--or stunning failures--to share regarding naming standards and template structure for service calls, changes, and work orders?

Thanks in advance!
Ruth Porter
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Successful SD Template Naming Standard?

Hi there,

My main advice would be to use Template Categories.

HPSD is issued as standard with template categories such as Service Call, Person etc (i.e. 1 for each item type) and I feel these are of no value whatsoever as when you use a template it only offers you the ones for your item type.

Instead group them by something which makes sense to how they are used.

To use templates by category you need to train staff to use the icon to the left of the template list on a record rather than the drop down. Ctrl and B can be used as a keyboard shortcut for this.

hope this helps, Ruth