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Subform Rule

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Subform Rule

I created a subform that I would like inserted into a CI whenever a specific category is selected. I created the subform and the insertion marker on the CI form.
When I create the rule, I needs to enter in a Source field. There is nothing to select from the Source Field drop down and I can't type anything in there. What am I missing? Where do i create or reference the Source Field?
George M. Meneg
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Re: Subform Rule


You can create generic relations only between EntityRef/LookupItem items (like code to code, code to service call, template to form etc).

You cannot create generic relation between static type fields (like numbers or strings or dates). Since Source ID (if it is the default Source ID field) is string, you cannot create a generic relation to that.
menes fhtagn
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Re: Subform Rule

I don't know that it is the Source ID field. When creating the "insert subform" action in my UI rule, I need to enter in the "source field" and I don't know what that is.
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Re: Subform Rule

Hi there,

You have to create a Generic Relation Type that will map Category with Subform.

For my part I've created two Subforms. 1 Empty + The one I want to insert.
You should not forget to take the subform away if your category changes!

There for create a "Generic Relation Type" called: CICategoryToCI[SubformName]
From: CI Category
To: Form

Then on the tab on your right click on the Add button and map each CICategory to the right Subform.

In your UI Rule in the first field you will see your new created "Generic Relation Type" that you called CICategoryToCI[SubformName].


Hope this helps,

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Re: Subform Rule

I needed to create as CI relationship relating the category to the subform.