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Strange voting group behaviour

Izzy UK
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Strange voting group behaviour

We have 4.5 SP15 (upgrading when our new server arrives) with odd voting group problems.

I have rules that change the voting group (major, significant and minor) based on the type of change (of the same name). The rules look like this:

When a value has changed
where Type of Change (*) equals Major
Major Approvals Trigger (Update Data) Approval;Approval group set to APPROVAL GROUP - MAJOR; Approval;#Approvers Required set to 7; Approval;Description set to [Description]; Approval;Approval Status set to Active

If I set it to Major then everything populates apart from the feild 'Approval Group' (even the names of the group work!) even if I select the group manually it still will not show - the feild just remains blank! If I change it to Minor then that works fine. Try significant and that doesn't work.

If I set it to inactive and remove all the names then select Major then it works (well 5 out of 7 in the group become voters!! Don't know what happened to the last 2!) The Approval Group feild shows the Major group just fine but now I can't change it back to Minor or Significant!!

And as you can guess, remove all the names, select Significant and it works but Major and Minor stop working?

What is going on, does anyone know?? If I was to look in the logs to see what was happening what would I be looking for and in which log?

Mark O'Loughlin
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Re: Strange voting group behaviour


when setting these tyoe fo rules with the change approval section I nornally set the first rule update to set the Approval Status set to Inactive, then apply the other updates such as in your rule with the final update being Approval Status set to Active (which you have).

Would this make any difference?
Izzy UK
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Re: Strange voting group behaviour

No that did not work unfortunately and now Minor Change does work either (was the only one that did before) See the attachment to see what happens after I change the type of change. It triggers fine, adds the people fine, the description fine but no group?!