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Strange interface errors

Mikhail Polner

Strange interface errors

We're experiencing two strange problems with our HP OV SD 4.5 SP17 both connected to the user interface (not every time and not on every installed client). Does anyone know something about this?

1. In a specific workorders view i see a list of workorders assigned to my workgroup. When I'm trying to open 2 last of them by doubleclicking with a left mouse button I get absolutely nothing. I manage to open these workorders only by pressing Enter on the keyboard or by clicking right mouse button and choosing "Open" function. One more strange thing is - in some other views the same problem is not with the last 2 lines but with last 5 of them. Cache cleaning, reinstalling mdac, java vm and client doesn't help.

2. After opening any workorder assigned to my workgroup I'm opening the service call to which the workoder is linked. Then I'm trying to open a file (.rtf) attached to this service call. Doubleclicking on it often force the "could not find file" error. But if I'm using Enter on the keyboard or clicking right mouse button and choosing "Open" function, everything is correct.
Rory Emmans
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Re: Strange interface errors

If you are running Windows XP it has do do with using Large font versus using small font.