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Strange behaviour of UI rules.

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Strange behaviour of UI rules.


I have UI rule which updates read-only field called "Information" in SC with the text added by logged user to field called "Information update". After the update, the field "Information update" is automatically cleared. Both parts of rule are performed before saving the record. But there is a difference - if i save and close the record and then reopen it, everything is done as expected. But when i use the Ctrl+S, the Information field is not updated and also the Information update is not cleared - both on the screen. When i refresh by F5, the data on screen are updated. But this is annoying ... any suggestions?
Robert S. Falko
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Re: Strange behaviour of UI rules.


I am not sure of the sequence of events when you use Ctrl+S. How do you trigger the update of Information? Do you use a button? If so, are you clicking on the button before pressing Ctrl+S?

It seems to me that you are expecting the save of an item to trigger a UI rule. Unless that UI rule is set to run "Before save", this will not happen.

By the way, the behavior is different for different SPs. Which one are you on?