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Status Change from 'Approvals'

Beth Mackin
New Member.

Status Change from 'Approvals'

Hi All,

Does anyone know how we can set a database rule to change the status to different values dependant on the result of a approval vote in a work order...


1)if all three approvers vote yes - the result should then change to approved and the Work order status changes to approved (Works)

2)if 1 or more approvers vote no - the result changes to rejected and the Work order status changes to rejected (Does not work)

Any ideas?


Ruth Porter
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Status Change from 'Approvals'

Hi Beth,

The standard approval mechansim will set the Approval Result as you wish but Approval Status itself only tells you that the Voting is complete (we alter the name of this status to be Voting complete).

If you want the status of the WO to to reflect the Approval result you can do this using a DB rule BUT you will notice that Approval Result is not on the list of fields for a condition. So you need a custom text field and 3 rules.
rule 1: condition when Approval status=Voting completed, Action set custom text field to Approval result
rule 2: condition on custom text field=Approved, action set WO status to Approved
rule 3: condition on custom text field=Rejected, action set WO status to Rejected

Hope this helps