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Sorting CIs by Category

Stanislav Tazia
New Member.

Sorting CIs by Category

Please, can anybody tell me, what attribute of Category is used when sorting CIs by Category?

When I do sort by Category, I see that CIs are grouped by Category, but I cannot even find out "how" they are sorted. It is not by the Text attribute and either not by the hierarchy path. (I have three level hierarchy for CI Category.). An example of how it looks is in the attached picture.

Do you have the same experience, or is it only me?
(SD 5.0 SP1, SQL 2000 SP4)
Ramaprasad N
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: Sorting CIs by Category

In my env, it gets sorted based on the category text. May be, there are some issues n your CMDB??

Dan Ioan
Honored Contributor.

Re: Sorting CIs by Category

Hi Sanislav,

From the client point of view, each category of CIs has name (text) a parent category and an associated icon.This is all you can see as SD client. Of course, at database level there is an associated internal ID code for each category.