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Smart Action: dsadd

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Smart Action: dsadd

I am trying to add an smart action:

dsadd computer "CN=[Host name.],OU=XXXX,OU=XXXX,OU=XXXXX,DC=[Domain],DC=XX,DC=XXX,DC=XX" -descr [Location] -loc [Location] -u* -p*

within a commandline prompt. the "application starts" but the above parameters does not work.. not at all.

I have specified the cmd.exe as an application.

Why can't this work?
Eric Ung
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Re: Smart Action: dsadd

mrgroen, have you tried running that entire command and its parameters from a commandline prompt? Does it work? Could it be that some of the parameters are not correct.
Ruth Porter
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Re: Smart Action: dsadd

Hi there,

To see what you need to do in a smart action, try the command in a DOS box. when you know what works, then set the command you used as the application and then set the smart action to set the paramters.

You may need to put quotes round the paramters in the smart action definition if they might contain spaces.

Hope this helps