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Skills Required for Service Pages Updates

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Skills Required for Service Pages Updates


We have got a new requirement to modify/add extra fields (such as implementing search facility, view CI's on CMDB etc) on Service Pages.

I've got a strong skills on asp and .net but not in jsp. Can any one guide me what sort of skills are required to achieve the above task and perhaps the first step to take.

Thanks in advance.
Radovan Skolnik
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Re: Skills Required for Service Pages Updates

Well I'll try to sum what is neededd:

1. Java knowledge - the WEB-API being used is Java based
2. JSP (Java Server Pages) - the Service Pages are written using JSPs
3. Getting accustomed to ServiceDesk WEB-API and its restrictions - that is what you will use

When adding some field to SP just look at the source code. See how they display some field and how they update it on submit. It should be fairly easy to add some extra field(s). From that you can try to do some more complex tasks...