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Site Category

Ben Little
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Site Category

We are using HPSD 4.5 SP11.

I would like to use Site Category (could have been renamed from Location Category) in our CI form. I have linked each of the Sites/Locations to a Category like Americas or Asia and want to show that cateogry on the CI form. However, while I can pull Site over into the presentation/form/CI, I cannot pull Site Category over to be displayed.

I would prefer not to create a custom field just to copy category into, since a rule would have to be created to do that, and we have 20000+ existing CI's that would have to be updated.

How can I get Site Category into the CI form?
(Again, it may be renamed from Location Category)
Terry A. Moir
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Re: Site Category

I don't think you can get at Location Category to place it on a CI form, either directly or via Quick View. You should, however, be able to create an Overview Action to display the Location Category (best I can think of).