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Set Changes fields as READY-ONLY

Cesar Lozano
Regular Collector

Set Changes fields as READY-ONLY


I need to know if its possible to set the fields of a Change as READY-ONLY when its status is modified.

Im working with HPOV SD 4.5 - Service Pack 15

What i need to do is the following:
If Status = Draft, Requested: everyone can modify any field in the Change.
If Status = Accepted, Risk_Impact_Analisys, Certified, Reschedule, CAB_Assessment: nobody can modify the Change, only the fields: Risk / Impact Analisys, Approval Votes.
If Status = Approved, Build, Implementation, Post_Implementation: nobody can modify the RFC. only the fields: Closure Code, Final Comments.
If Status = Closed: nobody can modify any field from the RFC.

If anyone has any information about it I would really appreciated it.

Thanks in advanced.

Best Regards,

Marc Hummel
Frequent Visitor

Re: Set Changes fields as READY-ONLY

I imagine it's possible.

However I think I'd go the approach as to WHO should be modifying it.

Two or more roles needed.
One modify rights, other view only.

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