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Services and respond time

Dimitris Pantou
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Services and respond time

Hi to all,

Let's suppose that my company provides support for a CI1 and CI2 to another Company. The services are A and B on a 24X7 basis for CI1 and A and B on a 8X5 basis for the CI2.
The response times are:
For CI1
Service A: Critical 2 hours, Major 4 hours, Minor 1 day, Low 5 days
Service B: Critical 4 hours, Major 8 hours, Minor 3 days, Low 15 days
For CI2
Service A: Critical 1 day, Major 2 days, Minor 4 days, Low 8 days
Service C: Critical 4 days, Major 8 days, Minor 10 days, Low 20 days

Is this schema feasible in service desk, and how?

Is there any way, according to CI, only the provided services to be available for choosing?

My email is in case the answer is too big.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Services and respond time

You need SLM module to do that. If you have SLM then you can set multiple SLA. And according to service you can set different SLA for different customers.

Hope that helps.